What Is Online Marketing?


What is Online Marketing?

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It’s been a month since I last wrote my post on this blog. Everyone including you will experience procrastination, laziness or even dis-spirited to maintain your own blog because there are too much work involves. However, if you knows the benefit of Online Marketing, it will provide the motivation for you to continue working on it. So,

What is Online Marketing?


If you have a business or wanted to start an online business that produces successful online marketing results, then you need to be a creative thinker and think outside of the box.

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If you always attach positive emotions to the things you want, and never attach negative emotions to the things you don't, then that which you desire most will invariably come your way. -- Matt D. Miller

Mental Freeze, Writer’s Block and What-Have-You

This is the first time that I had a hard time figuring out what to post on my blog. After carrying out several tasks within the week that has nothing to do with my blog, will this still be a form of Procrastination? Although I felt guilty at times but my other activities has something to do with future-based events that could possibly generate money for me for the long term haul. I guess it’s justifiable then.

Here goes…

Recently, I started a Tee-Shirt Shop at Spreadshirt.Com and I am having a hard time thinking about the kind of designs that people will want on their tee-shirts. This also make me learn more about Photoshop, which I had been postponing for a long time by now. However, I am glad I had appended 10 tee-shirt designs (men and women) which can be  use to create those tee-shirts on sale . Keeping my finger cross to see some recurring income comes in!

I had also updated my latest ECAs promotions for TripleClicks on both my main blogs and it is now introducing more products that are for the LADIES. Hopefully you will visit those “shops” and find something you like!

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We must realize that the subconscious mind is the law of action and always expresses what the conscious mind has impressed on it. What we regularly entertain in our mind creates a conception of self. What we conceive ourselves to be, we become. -- Grace Speare

Keeping Oneself Busy Is Better Than Procrastination

Lazing Around - Procrastination

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It has been almost 9 weeks and there is not much changes made to this blog. Have I been “lazing around” or “runs out of idea for this blog”? Not really!

Like everyone, there are times when we are easily distracted with what we are doing and lose focus on what we wanted to do. However, if we were to “park our ass” on the couch and watches TV the whole day, nothing will happen to our route to success. Instead, do something useful for our future events so that we are not backtracking from our goal.

Fortunately for myself, I had tons of video and audio products on my hard disk drive which I can play and listen to while doing some house chores. Sometimes, an inspiration will just comes along and make me want to do something to my blog or marketing campaigns.

As a result of keeping busy while “lazing around” during the past 3 weeks, I managed to create a “skeleton” Membership site for a WordPress video course which I intend to promote before end of March 2015, I had updated some Menus on my personal blog at MakeMoneySmartly and appended a new menu link here too. I had created a video course at Udemy but seems like they will not approved it because they do not accept any courses made out of any PLR products, which I think is extremely unfair.

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