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This is an area where all references for useful topic such as Personal Computer, Internet Marketing, Social Media and Others including Health & Wellness will be appended for the visitors of this blog.

Every possible attempt will be made to ensure that these URLs are FREE publicly. *However, ALWAYS read those information available on their web page for a more thorough understanding of the resource that you are interested in BECAUSE, over time, some of these products are no longer provided free.

It is also safe for you to read those comments in ORANGE below as they are practices made by other marketers.

Important Area to TAKE NOTE are:

  • When they asked you for your Name and Email Address, before providing you with the usage or download of the product concern. ** This means that you are giving them permission to send you email messages in future, be it informational or promotion of products.
  • When you are RE-DIRECTED to an Order Page where you will need to append your Personal Particular including Credit Card Information. ** Do it when you are very sure about what you are getting or going to purchase!!! Else, close the Browser. Sometimes they misled you to think you are paying $1 but find and read the fine print below to find out whether there will be any RECURRING Monthly payment!
  • When you are Unsure or think that “Its too good to be True!“, leave or close the Browser and starts all over as your “hunch” or “intuition” might be correct most of the time!

Learn to find ways to read preview of the product that you are about to commit or download by using the Search Engine BUT always remember that the writer of these previews are actually promoting the product themselves (bias in my opinion). Also note that a handful of complaints do not mean that the product is really bad! as it could be a handful of complainants out of thousands of satisfied customers who did not write about it.

Cheers and hoping that you will benefit from the list shown on all the MENU on this blog!

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