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Notice that all of our earlier newsletters made reference to blog and websites? Well today we are talking about blogging as an online activity that you must consider.

Have you ever wondered if blogs can really make you money since there are so much hype about it? Simply put, you can really earn a significant amount of money through blogging when you master the process...

And Getting started is as simple as 1, 2, and 3...

In fact you can start your own blog on Blogger or Wordpress right after you read this newsletter or you can signup for a "Blogging From The Beginning Course".

However it is important to note that it takes more than just setting up your blog and writing a few posts to be really successful online. If you are really interested in making money through blogging, you need unique, interesting and informative content.

The best blogs wouldn’t be so successful without solid posts. Some even have people subscribing to their newsletter so they can be the first to see any new posts!

As such, you need to have fresh content and should update regularly to keep your readers interested. You can’t just start a blog, place some ads on it and expect it to start churning out cash the same day. You need lots of traffic to actually turn your blog into something profitable. This is why content is so important...it is this that will keep attracting new readers and getting your old readers coming back for more....

Just like other online money making opportunities discussed in previous newsletters...the best way to go about creating a blog is to select a topic or niche that you have a genuine interest or real passion for. Trust me! People will recognise this, and over time, they will see you as an authority in your topic of choice.

Now, let’s look at the Pros and Cons of blogging.


- You get to discuss things that actually interest you while making money with it.

- You can easily reach your personal target market.

- People can reply back to your posts which opens the doors for networking with a community who shares the same interests or passions as yourself

- Once your blog is up and running, all you need is an internet connection to update your blog often


- Getting traffic to your blog can sometimes be tedious and challenging.

- You need to take some time to actually research and write an interesting post that contains plenty of information which your readers would enjoy.

- You will get plenty of comments from "spam robots" and not actual human beings.

Remember that it really takes time for a blog to become profitable. Like everything else, there must be work involves to make it worthwhile. You’re going to have to invest a great amount of time to producing original, interesting and informative content. But don’t be intimated, your blog does not have to be about serious current events, it can be about music, it can be a place to see great photos or read the funniest jokes.

The internet is just like the real world in that word of mouth is the best advertisement...Learn to find out the best online resources to get those traffics to your blog.

After that, it is up to you to make sure that the visitors keeps coming back for more.

Look out for our next newsletter where we will show you how to produce and sell your very own products online.

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