Know ThySelf and ThyHealth and ThyIntention

Seriously, I am stumped on what to write for this article, although the urge to write anything is strong today.

Why the title “Know Thy Self, Thy Health and Thy Intention”?

Growing Up ChildrenWe as human being is a very smart creature but over time, as we grew, our mind became cluttered with much data that was co-created along our life journey. These data can be good and bad.

The good data will craft you into a smart thinking, well organized and refine person and the bad data will ‘sabotage’ your success, mindset and perspective in life.

Having started working and ‘mixing’ with people since the age 17 in 1977 till today, I realized that everything will eventually come back to square one on one fine day.

You will asked yourself “Have I live well according to my wishes?” or “Have I failed so far in life?”

My answer is “Yes, I have lived well and will want to continue living with a mindset for learning wherever possible” BUT I will have to choose friendship more seriously from now on and I will monitor my own body health from now on.

Having accumulated a list of about 500 so-called friends over the course of 35 years made me learn one huge lesson in life, “FRIENDSHIP IS VERY TRANSIENT!” One moment you will be with them for a period of time, feeling close and have a sense of camaraderie-ship, buddy-buddy feelings and whats-not then when you don’t meet each other for a period of time, they are no longer in your mind or vice-versa, I presumed. No one seems to have time for you, neither do you call them for a chat. Seem familiar?

What annoyed me was when I was hospitalized for heart bypass surgery (supposedly in a life threatening situation at that point in time), none of my ‘then’ working colleagues, superior and so-called friends, who knew I am hospitalized, visited me!

It was a total overhaul of my mindset and feelings about giving out my love or friendship to anyone I am close to as a result of acquainting with each other. What I had practiced during the last 35 years of being friendly and approachable in any occasion or meeting literally was “thrown out of the window.” Today I am comfortable with a handful of names on my smartphone list.

Today I do what I want to do without the interruptions I gets from friends (distraction) that could have ‘sabotage’ my success previously. I chose carefully the kind of meeting, appointment or even gathering to avoid wasting of time.

To me, I am now living a second life and do not want to waste time on other nitty-gritty stuffs that has no advantage or improvement to my life, be it financially or emotionally. I avoid all negativity and focus more on the positive aspects of things in my daily life.

I choose to eat well without the constant nagging or ‘suggestion’ from so-called health conscious friends and choose to see my own doctor without the constant ‘recommendation’ that seems like it was definitely for me.

I choose to respect and love my supportive family members and one close friend more because of their role during the last 26 months and will do whatever it takes to take care of them when the need arises.

I am constantly monitoring my own health and reading more articles to be informed about foods that will restore my health back to normalcy, hopefully.

We know about our self, our mind and our body more than anyone around us YET we are constantly listening to “advises that might have backfired on us without knowing too much about it”. That is the reason why I believed you should know thyself, thy health and thy intention in life too before regretting it at later stage.

Here is something that might improve your health, some information about the food we eat and whether is ‘sabotage’ our health. However, do your due diligence before making a decision about it.

The Fat Burning Kitchen By Mike Geary

The Fat Burning Kitchen by Mike Geary


 Yes, I am affiliated to it but that is not the real purpose. It’s my desire to ensure you are eating as healthily as me and hopefully for the right reason too.

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A man either lives life as it happens to him, meets it head-on and licks it, or he turns his back on it and starts to wither away. -- Gene Roddenberry

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