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It’s been 3 weeks and I had been engrossed regarding the implementation of Membership Site on any one of my blogs but the process was not an easy one. There are many free plugins available but the more powerful one requires purchasing of additional features or add-on from the supplier before it can be considered fully set up. There will be problem integrating with Payment Processor, Registration matters, Member Access parameters, so on and so forth. Before long, you will realized that you have implemented several plugins that enable everything to “work in one piece”.

I had attempted implementing several Membership plugins that includes S2 Member, Simple Membership, Membership by WPMuDev and a couple others. Phew!

Being a newbie on setting up of a Membership feature, I had to do lots of trying and testing and got confused often because I keeps forgetting to log-out as Administrator to experienced the “feel” of a visitor trying to read articles on my blog for the first time, and being “prevented from access” to a POST or PAGE which were designated for “Member’s Eye Only”.


My First Membership Blog Ever!

Just last night, I was ecstatic because I believed I had implemented my 1st ever Membership feature on a new blog called MySFITripleClicks.Com – a website where information provided were mainly regarding the SFI/TripleClicks Business Opportunity in the US and can be marketed internationally.

Although there were no monetization involves because there were no charges or subscription fee for the Members, it was still a great start for myself so far, something that I had yearned for the past 2 years.

My next step is to create a Paid Membership feature on this blog for my Technical Video Training Course for Internet Marketers, which I hope will become my recurring income generation website. Will you leave a comment on how much are you willing to pay for a One-Time subscription fee for a Basic Course that leads to you owning a WordPress Blog, or an Advanced Course that covers even more WordPress related information or the Full Videos Course for you to become a full-fledged Internet Marketer? Appreciate very much in advanced!


Are Membership Sites the Right Choice?

Membership sites are gaining a lot in popularity right now for Internet marketers as well as  for the consumers.  They are great for marketing of products or services and they provides a convenient way for consumer to get their needed products or information. Therefore, this kind of website is a win–win situation for everyone. The Members gets their needs or wants whilst the Internet marketer gets their loyal customers or subscribers and also making an income online.

A membership site allows you to give qualified information away for Free or for a Fee. These are information pertaining to the interest of a certain group of people. *For instance, you are a teacher and have lots of interesting experiences and you have information that can help other teachers or wannabe to improve their skills or knowledge then you have what we called a NICHE, and all those teachers group out there online or offline can become your prospects or target market.

You either offer them a Free Membership to your website (or blog) with all of those great information or charge them a small monthly fee called Subscription. You can have both options available at the same time.

You initially offers them some basic information for free, also acting as a teaser, but then allowing them to become a Paid Member if they want more detailed or “Insider’s” information. Using a Membership site in any of these forms can help you earn some money for the long term haul.

Ultimately, the thought that I had just started a blog with Membership feature is a sign that things are improving as far as my skill set is concerned. It had proven to me, time and time again, that as long as one’s carry out any positive future-based action or event, it will eventually manifest into something that is tangible.

What about you? Have you been carrying out any future-based events that can become a future income source for yourself?


# Do you have any experiences regarding this topic? Leaving a comment here for the visitors will be greatly appreciated.


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