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Of late, I noticed that there are many online marketers promoting newly formed business programs that provides you a tool to build up a name list. An Email or Viral List Building tool or even Leads Generation as some marketer’s might called it.

When you read the email swipes or splash pages that these marketer’s used, they will want you to believe that they are getting great leads and making good money out of it. But, is that really a lead when the respondent have no choice but to append their email address in order to see what they are getting into or to explore it out of curiosity?

IMHO, It is good if the intention of the owner is to help you make money online with the tools they provides but many a times, while exploring those programs, I have my doubts:

  • You are on a Landing Page where you get to see only an Optin Box requesting for your Email Address to “sign-in” or to get the “permission” to view the video or promotional page.

  • Some Landing Page do not even indicate their program name, nor do they have any Footer information that you can read about. As for those who had Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or even Earning Disclaimers below their page had already position themselves well.
  • There are also cases whereby clicking on those hyperlink below the footer of the Landing Page brings you to another Capture Page requesting for your Email Address too.

I truly believed that these companies knew about the ease of getting anyone’s email address with such tactic and will continue to do so as long as they are the one who will ultimately benefit from it. They now “owned” the huge mailing lists (by leveraging on all those ignorant, newbies or “suckers” respondents) and can do all sorts of promotions to earn money in the future.

Email Or Viral List Building Program

What about those who actually tried to build their business using this program?

Of course there will be the hardworking or “lucky” few who made it. They will earned recurring or passive income as a result of their action and dedication!

However a majority of these “internet marketer’s wannabes” will be struggling to get by and soon they “drop-out”. These are the folks that really push the campaigns ahead and build those “leads” or “name list” aggressively but to no avail. 

Ultimately and similarly to all network marketing, MLM or direct sales business model, the attrition rate for such internet marketing programs are high too. Those who QUITTED will eventually LEAVE BEHIND huge lists of subscribers that is now the main proprietary of the company concern.

After having surfed, explored and getting involved with programs of this nature over the last 2 years, I know enough to know that I will try to avoid such programs as much as possible unless I am pretty sure I will be benefiting from the opportunity fully.

I am not saying that you should avoid such as a program BUT you must do your due diligence before hopping into it and start spending your precious and valuable time trying to promote the business.

As for myself, after learning, trying and testing some of these internet marketing elements, I am able build my own list with my own internet marketing tools without the danger of compromising someone else email address and eventually, I OWNED this list to myself only!

Visit this wonderful affiliate program if you want to start learning about internet marketing and how to build your own list. I will connect with you and work together for the betterment of our future.

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