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It is not surprising to know that when you are a subscriber of several well-known Internet Marketing Gurus, you will be inundated with promotions and offers plus a little tips or advices regarding the business or on how you can make money smartly online.

And, coupled with the “hot” and humid weather in Singapore, I think it is making me going bonkers. Why? Because I just realized that I had bought several products from product launches recommended by those gurus during the past 3 days. And they includes “The Super Funnel” by Alex Jeffreys, “Unstoppable PLR” by Aurelius Tjin as well as “Video Product Pro” by Mario Brown, all of them are successful Internet Marketer on the globe. Upon checking the content size and value for each product, it is definitely at a much cheaper price but having a higher value as compared to 5 years ago.

Ever Changing Situation Online

Just like the IT industry in the old days, you paid thousands of dollars for a PC system which only cost a few hundreds today and yet it is more powerful than before in terms of performance and storage space. Similarly, the Internet Marketing Product Creation sector is also facing a similar dilemma.

For a PLR video course which I paid for USD$97 3 years ago, a better and more updated version can be purchase for almost $27 today. Is this a sign that the industry is dwindling in terms of value or popularity? IMHO, it is the demand that droves the price down because there are more and more Internet Marketers (some good and some bad) out there who are able to churned out good contents for the people wanting it.

As the internet world is gradually becoming more video oriented, production of video tutorials or trainings becomes easier and faster to produce. You can even create a video training course out of your Smartphone these days without the need to fork out huge expenses to engage professionals to do it.

Cheaper Price But Higher Value Products

Are we really getting it at cheaper price but higher value? Absolutely!

Look at the way Internet Marketers are churning out great looking Sales Page, or read those well-crafted CopyWriting contents or even observed all those colorful Graphics plus Videos appended to it, you will realized that these Sales Pages are much professionally created as compared to those  3 years back BUT do you know that they have prepared them at a fraction of the cost by outsourcing it to various parties worldwide through the Freelancers portal such as Fiverr.

A simple “not-so-apple-to-apple” comparison of what I used to get for my purchases,

3 years ago, spend an initial investments of $127 with monthly membership of $97 for a Video Tutorial Cost that comes with 6 PLR products as bonuses. Total videos available is within the 110+ range.

Latest investment on a Video Product Pro course that comes with a Paid Membership site which contains almost 60+ videos plus 2 Free Membership bonuses for learning something related to the course. Total Investment : $17

As you can see or visualize, buying at low cost today does not mean that you are getting a low value or low quality product. It only means that you are getting the BASICS and if you want to go a step higher, then you have to make a decision as to whether you want the One Time Offer (OTO) that they present to you.

There is always a different perspective to this model of sales, some OTO* are plainly annoying as a matter of fact, BUT as far I am concern, I would rather buy the Basics first and then explore or evaluate the standard and value of the product before deciding whether to Upgrade (at a slightly higher pricing) at later stage.

* It is also this practices that left a “bad taste” in the Internet Marketing industry because Scammers uses this technique to trick their customers into paying high-price for something that is of no value or relevancy to their initial purchase. Note: Therefore, do your due diligence first before buying from any Internet Marketers that you have not heard of!

Hope the above information is worth your attention or enhance your knowledge. Please leave a comment below regarding any of your experiences that you might have. Thanks in advance!

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