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Why should you be reading this blog? Who is this guy anyway ?

William Siong -- Owner of this blogA brief history about William Siong, an ordinary guy from Singapore.

“Like most people, I was raised in a poor environment without the luxury of most middle-class families who own houses, cars and wear nice clothing but fortunately I do not have to beg for my daily needs as my parent were cobblers who earned enough to raise 2 children on their own”

“I was also told that in order to live life abundantly, we need a good education in order to find a good salaried job BUT I never like studying because of the constant tests and examinations in school.”

“At end of school session, I would be playing soccer, basketball, “roundus” and anything that is a trend during that period in time. And always reaching home late with dirtied clothing and getting cane eventually”

“Because of the weekly dental examination in school, I even play truant just to avoid the uncomfortness until it reaches my parent ears….. and got caned even more”

“When I was in the secondary school, I joined the uniform group thinking that it will groom me into a tougher person… a MAN!”

“I played everyday, before class and after class. I will only study for my exam at the very last moment or thoughout the night before. I will go for fishing, play basketball, soccer, “dating” or even camping at the beach, even to the point of learning to play mahjong at 16″

“By the time I was 17, I had enrolled into a military school as I heard that the salary will be good. It was the most tough, memorable but exciting journey of my life! I also pick up Smoking and Drinking as a form of bad habit.”

“I forgo entering the polytechnic as my earned salary is considered very good during those era and thinking that I could have a higher salary when I becomes a higher ranking soldier… eventually I quitted after 7 years upon finishing of my contract because the policies kept changing over time and it became less beneficial for anyone, like myself, with a low level certificate in Education” Bam! 😯 

Since 1985 till this day, I was involves with the IT industry, Sales & Marketing, Network Marketing and Internet Marketing (However, I was always getting distracted with “shiny objects” along the way without putting in 100% effort in whatever I do that result in who I am today 😳 )

That’s how life has been for me BUT it had become better and better as I became more knowledgeable in many aspect of my life.

Do I regret it? Hell, No!

Why? Because I’ve got to experience so many things or circumstances in life that not many people even “dare” to venture in. On those days, we need to “survive” to move on in the tough society but fast forward till today, a majority of people had been “spoon-fed” till their early teens, thanks to a safer and booming economy over the decade, and find life’s very tough even for a little challenges they met. The way they give up on things easily is disheartening!

All These Seems Familiar

If you have the above experiences in life like mine or worse then I know you are successful-triumph-estatican “endurer” and that you have the will power to change your own life journey whenever you want to!

If you do not and is someone of the newer generation then I hope you will find success in most of the things you do BUT do not give up too easily when encountering any challenges in life!

Now that you know that I am an ordinary person just like you, will you read my article to learn a thing or two ? especially if you want to learn more about Internet Marketing to try making money online and offline, whichever possible.

Yes, I do not have the richness of those gurus or internet marketers who claimed that they are making tens of thousands of dollars a month or even millions in a year BUT I do know who is BSing and who is not!

My knowledge and experiences gained from my working years from 1977 till this day is enough to make you a better and smarter person if you were to connect with me as a friend or acquaintance.

Enough said, it is my sincere wish that you will benefit from the topics within this blog so that you can make informed decision regarding things you want to do online and offline, be it personal or business related.

Here’s William Siong, signing off from this very personal article!

Generally, topics on this blog will covers what most people in life encounters during their life journey,

Education  /  Self-Improvement Health & Wellness Finance / Make Money


#Leave comment of your experiences in life below so that this blog visitors and myself can learn something too. Your suggestions and kind effort is greatly appreciated!

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If you always attach positive emotions to the things you want, and never attach negative emotions to the things you don't, then that which you desire most will invariably come your way. -- Matt D. Miller

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