All In A Days Work Without The Frustration

Looking at the sidebar with the Menu Titled “Limited Time Promo” really provides me a sense of achievement for the day.

I started preparing the video this morning using EasySketch Pro, which I bought several months ago and stopped using after a bad service support experience. Fortunately, they had made improvement to the software which is so much faster and reliable after today’s usage. Wasn’t expecting a smooth result though BUT surprising everything work out fine.

By noon, I was already uploading the video to my Youtube account and appending the description for SEO purposes. Then I created a splash page with Ad Tracking link for my Affiliate URL so that people visiting the website will be record by the tracking software.

I proceeded to propagate the Affiliate URL to my blogs here and at MakeMoneySmartly.Com so that visitors visiting both blogs might click on it to view the promotion. Then I tweeted at followed by a mentioned at

Internet Marketing Elements and Functions

geralt / Pixabay

What I am doing are Internet Marketing functions that will promote my Affiliate Link so that people will join the program and as a result I will get “paid” for my effort today.

Will people join the program ? Maybe YES, Maybe NO

As long as it is running 24×7 for the duration of the promotion, there will be result. Of course, it will be better when I promote this to my List of Subscribers who had not utilize the marketing system, tools and affiliate program that was promoted today.

What I had done seems easy BUT it is an accumulated of experiences gained from close to 5 years of Internet Marketing activities online. I am still learning day by day!

Work Without The Frustration ?

Imagine you were told to do what was mentioned above, can you do it ? Maybe YES, Maybe NO

but I am sure lots of you will experienced frustration or are at lost on what to do first, right ?

That is the reason why you must have a System and Tools and Trainings to become competent IF you want to make money smartly online and offline too. Not having these resources is like “driving a car without an engine“!

Will it travel at all ? I don’t think so.

IF you are someone who just came online thinking that it is easy to make money on the web then I am sorry to tell you that it does not!

Connecting with people like myself who had already been there or done that for some times so that you can short-cut your journey to success. Who knows you might be much knowledgeable and intelligent to surpass all my undertakings! :mrgreen: 

Whether you decides to find out more about the promotion of this 100% FREE 7 Days Review of 12SC or not, is really up to you. I just hope you are not making a decision basing on limited knowledge or understanding of the Internet Marketing topic. Remember this cliche always, “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!”

As for myself, it’s all in a days work without the frustration! 😎

Hoping to be connecting with you sometimes sooner. Cheers and have a belated Happy New Year 2015!


# Leave comment below if you have anything to say, discuss or suggest. Thanks in advance!


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Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. -- Hayden

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