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  Need Blog Content - Use Private Label Content  

If you are one of those bloggers that never seems to have enough time to get fresh content posted to the blog regularly, there’s some great news. Now you can take advantage of private label content. If you aren’t familiar with private label content (PLC) also called private label rights (PLR) this is content that is written by someone else but that you get to call your own. Bet you are ready to sign up right now!

Of course, it’s not quite that simple. This can be a very useful tool for developing your blog content. However, don’t confuse it with a solution that simply requires you to copy and paste, because it’s a little more than that. Of course, if you don’t care what Google thinks or whether Google drops the hammer on you, then go ahead and just copy it. Let’s help you understand better what’s happening here and that starts with understanding what private label content actually is.

When you buy private label content you don’t just get the text. You get the right to claim the content as yours and use it in any manner you like. For example, you can use it in your blog posts, make an e-book out of it, turn it into an audio format or make it part of your email autoresponder series – and that’s just the start.

If you are a savvy blogger you probably are already recognizing what the biggest problem is – if you can buy the content for your website so can every other member, so what’s the point of you buying private label content if it’s likely published somewhere else.

Actually, it can save you a ton of time when used the right way. What you need to do is select good PLC to begin with and then modify it to suit your personal needs.

Step 1 - Find Good Content
You do not want to be using the same PLC packs that have been circulating since the concept was developed. You’ve seen these sites with 10,000 articles for $1 – what were you expecting? They aren’t worth more. Instead, look for PLC that is recently developed, written by reputable authors, and published in limited circulations. There is nothing worse than outdated content.

Step 2 - Turn Good Content Into Great Content
You never want to copy and paste the content that you have bought. Even if you aren’t buying into the idea that duplicate content leads to penalties, your own authority will suffer if your traffic sees the same content in all kinds of different places. Instead, aim to change at least 30% of the content and 50% is even better.

Now that you understand private label content better, follow steps one and two and begin to enjoy the benefits.

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