The “knows” of Affiliate Marketing

October 14, 2011

About Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing For those who have stumbled upon a successful affiliate marketing campaign, they have the ability to “print” money anytime they want to. Simply put, these marketers have what it takes to chalk up cash and make them into solid paychecks.

Too good to be true? This is what affiliate marketing really can do.

The amazing thing about affiliate marketing is that anyone can make incredible profits, without much work needed and in as little as 2 or 3 weeks, when done right..

This basically means that you can start from nothing or zero state and begins making easy cash, without having to create your own products, website, or write a single ad copy.

This is also what makes affiliate marketing a good starting point for those newbies, newcomers or affiliate-wannabes who want to have an idea what it is like to be in an online business. It gives them the opportunity to work at their own time, leveraging on other people’s efforts and resources, to gain profits while educating everyone in the process.

Affiliate marketing is an earning while learning business. This is where most people get the knowledge to make it big on other forms of business in the future. This is their starting point. The FIRST step into making money smartly online.

When joining an affiliate program, you do not just go right ahead and choose the one right in front of you. There are certain factors you need to understand and consider first before getting into one. Not considering these things can result in wasted time, effort, resources and profits.

1. Know your target market.

In order to collect that big fat affiliate checks, you must first identify and target your audience. This is a simple case of offering people what they want and need. Many affiliates commit the mistake of giving out these things to the wrong persons.

The result? No buyer and no sales for you. Why would people buy something they are not in need of?
Do you think people will be interested in you offering them affiliate marketing when they are into copywriting? Not many will be.

It is best to find your audience first to be able to maximize your resources and commissions.

2. Know the quality of your affiliate products or services.

The second mistake affiliates make is that they market a product or service that ends up not delivering what it promises.

It is always wise to examine the product first before recommending it to others. Always be your own first customer! You must buy the product first to understand what it can or cannot do. Not only will this increase your credibility and sales at later stage, it will also help you promote better because you can give them personal feedback about the products.

3. Know if their sales letter is effective.

Check out the affiliate owner’s website and sales copy before you send any traffic over to them. Inquire about important things like conversion rates and visitor values. This will prove critical once you get people to their site.

Put yourself in the customers’ shoe. Will you be willing to buy the product or getting their services? If you answer YES to this question then many people would be too.

It will be an awful waste of resources if you will to pay for advertising a site, only to discover later on that it has a poor sales copy and that it just cannot sell. Consider this very carefully first.

4. Know whether they have promotional methods and materials.

Most affiliate programs provide their affiliates with tools to use for their marketing. The more tools provided, the more chances of you making that sale is higher.

Since the materials are already made for you, you can focus more on the marketing aspect of the business. Having more tools also results in more opportunities to get the sales message across to your customers effectively.

5. Know whether your promotion has profitability.

The last thing you must consider is how much you will be paid, in relation to your promotional efforts. A higher commission percentage can be a huge motivation to place higher focus on a particular product in your total portfolio.

Try to seek out products with a higher ending price or those that present a recurring income. You would also want to generate profit based on the efforts you have put in to market that product.

The five tips above are just some examples of the important factors to consider before you starts affiliate marketing.

If you want to become like the super affiliates you have heard so much of and constantly cash-in huge checks for every affiliate programs you promotes then you need to continuously educate yourself about the affiliate marketing process.

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