15 Tips For Internet Marketing Wannabes

15 Tips For Internet Marketing Wannabes

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It  is  possible  to  learn  something  new  by finding the extra time in your daily
activities.  Simply  reorganize  the  way you approach your tasks that are within your personal responsibility. Also, you must have the passion to learn!



Here are 15 Internet Marketing Tips for YOU!

1. Treat it like a business
Just because you work online doesn’t mean you can sleep until noon and expect to see  the  money flowing in. If you want to have a business, you have to treat it like  a  business. This includes holding somewhat regular hours during which you don’t let other distractions take you away from getting your work done.

2. Learn how to manage your time
Working  at  home  alone  can  be  difficult. Staying focused and motivated is a challenge for even the most disciplined individuals. If you find you’re having a hard  time managing your time you may need to find some good resources that will give  you  time  management  tips  and techniques. Learning this important skill early  on in your entrepreneurial venture can reap huge rewards in the long run.

3. Find a hungry niche market
BEFORE  you  decide  what to sell. — A lot of online entrepreneurs come up with what  they  think is a great idea and then go in search of a market. This is the hard  way of doing things! A better approach is to find a group of customers who have  a specific need and then develop a solution for them. By providing exactly what  they’re  looking for you’ll have a much easier time selling to them and in the  process will most likely discover many other products they’re interested in buying as well.

4. Have a professional looking web site
You  would think this goes without saying. Yet a lot of people still get started by putting together a horrible looking site that makes them look unprofessional.

Website templates are so cheap nowadays (you can get a professional one for less than  $50 and there are lots of great looking ones for around $30) that there is no  excuse.  If  you  don’t  know  how to add your content to the template visit http://www.scriptlance.com  and find a freelancer who can do it for you. Overall you’ll spend less than $100 and you’ll start your online business making a great first impression.

5. Don’t worry whether everyone likes you
Business  is  not  a  popularity  contest. So instead of focusing your energy on trying  to  be  all things to all people, find a group of customers that you can relate to and who can relate to you and work on developing a relationship with them.  

A  lot  of  businesses  have  become  successful  because  they  took  a controversial  approach.  It  won’t  appeal  to everyone, but the people it does appeal to will often become fiercely loyal.

6. Personalize the experience for your customers
The  Internet is a very impersonal medium much of the time. That’s why customers respond  very  well  when you take the time to personalize your approach to them specifically  whenever  possible.

You can do this by segmenting your list, using their  name  when  you  email  them,  sending  them  offers  that are related to something  else they’ve purchased in the past and even giving them a way to send
you  comments or feedback such as through your blog. The more they feel that you are talking directly to them, the more they’ll trust you and want to buy from you.

7. Learn to work smarter, not harder
Always be on the lookout for ways that you can get more done with less work. One of  the best ways is to use the help of others to accomplish things. This can be freelancers  who  create  content  for you, a Virtual Assistant (VA) who handles your  customer  service emails and even a Joint Venture (JV) broker who arranges your  marketing  initiatives. As the person who is overseeing everything you can get a lot in a short amount of time.

8. Ask your prospects what they want
A  lot  of online marketers think that because they are a member of their target audience,  they  know  exactly  what their potential customers want. But all too often  they  don’t hit the mark. So instead of guessing, ASK your prospects. You can do this in the forums, on your squeeze page by adding a couple of questions, as  part of your blog or newsletter, you can even have an exit popup when people
are leaving your site without taking action. By finding out what it is that they are looking for you can give them exactly what they want.

9. Brand yourself and what you do
People  are  more likely to remember brands because they are short, sweet and to the  point. Stick in the minds of your customers by creating your own brand. Use a  motto,  slogan,  nickname  or logo that they can associate with you. Then use that  in  every  piece of marketing you release, whenever you post in the forums and as part of your web site and blog.

10. Have the mindset that you WILL succeed
Too  many  people  do  not  believe  they are worthy of succeeding. If you don’t believe  in  yourself, who will? Give yourself credit and truly believe that you have  as  much  right as the next person to be successful. This positive mindset will take you far!

11. Offer a free newsletter
Although  newsletters  have  become  more  work with spam filters and overloaded inboxes,  this  technique  is  far  from  dead!  A well thought out, interesting newsletter  is  a  great way to get attention from customers, potential partners and  even  the  media.

Just be sure that you are not publishing one big ad every time.  Providing  good  quality  content  that informs, interests and entertains people  will  keep  them  reading.  Then you can add in appropriate ads that are related to the content and see a much greater percentage of people buy.

12. Give people a reason to visit your website
Use  your  website  as  an  educational  tool. Offer something that is valuable, clever  and fun like games, coupons, educational materials written by experts or valuable  tips  that  change each month. The important thing to remember is that fresh  content  will  attract  readers and studies show that the more often they visit your site, the more money they will spend with you.

13. Don’t try and do it all yourself
Although you may be on a tight budget, you have to be realistic about where your strengths  lie.  Are  you  a  great  software  developer but can’t write a sales letter?  Are you an expert at graphics but don’t know how to use them to build a web  page? Be honest about what you’re good at and let someone else take care of the  rest. 

Although  it  may cost you a little bit of money, in the end it will save you a lot of time. And when it comes to online business, the faster you can get  things  done  the better. After all, a half finished project is not earning you anything!

14. Aim for progress not perfection
It’s  human  nature to want things to be perfect before we introduce them to the world. The thought of creating a site that isn’t as good as it can be makes most of us feel like we’re failing. But in reality, your customers will never notice. They  don’t  know  what  your ultimate vision is, so they don’t know what hasn’t been  done  yet.  Instead  of  obsessing over the details, aim for progress over perfection. Keep your business moving forward and as you go you’ll learn, change and grow.

15. Don’t give up!!!
Although  it  is important to accept when something isn’t working and be willing to  move on, don’t give up on your dream of making money online. There are a lot of  different business models that have been proven to be successful. If you are willing to work hard, be continuously learning and be adaptable enough to change strategies when needed, you too can be successful.


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